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  1. Thanks as always for the reply and sensible advice my X5 is running fine and there do not appear to be any issues with the engine it is just the warning message on the dash which has come up, so the Computer Diagnostic is showing an engine fault so not sure the BMW specialist (Not Main Dealer) Got a Little Arsey when I said I could runda diagnostic on her to see what it returns someone would have thought I had kicked his dog! So reconditioned or second had parts are out there, so I may look into a diesel specialist and see what the score is! Jim
  2. My 3.0 D E53 which is new to me (2 owners good service records) and 98000 miles has been pretty good since I picker her up and I know it is an old bus and will take some looking after but any idea what sort of bill I might be facing if I need to replce the injectors at a specialsist car shop but not BMW they have already quoted £48 just to hook it up to a diagnostic kit! So am I looking at a second mortgage on this one or fingers crossed it is straightforward enough and I can buy food! As always thanks in advance Jim
  3. I have an X5 2005 so just to check what photos are you looking for?
  4. Dave that must have been a bummer you see these things on TV but never think it could be your car I guess, but thankfully you were not in it at the time!
  5. Thanks, Dave yes looks like I will need the cable as my unit has TV Screen up front and the CD Changer is in the rear I will be running a reverse camera cable anyway so the more, the merrier in the Bundle! On a slightly different note any ideas why the Panoramic Sun roof would not close had a hell of a job trying to close in manually but got it closed before the rain started!
  6. Dave thanks for the advice Covid has gone now thank god so looking forwards to rolling my sleeves up and getting things installed I think the front sensor is a front left inner so should get away without taking the bumper off (fingers crossed) - in regard to the 5 m cable where is the best place to get one from RS again? The OBD unit was only cheap, so I threw it in the bundle in the hope the Blue Toot will work! Eternal optimist me! Thanks again Jim
  7. So been busy since my last post had Covid which was poo but also scanned the BMW and found two sensors one front and one back were out and also just ordered the following from Xtrons so should keep me and my son busy installing this little lot any suggestions or things to watch on changing the PDC sensors or this lot??? DAB+ Tuner | USBDAB03 SKU: ICE/ACS/USBDAB03 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System | External Sensors | TPMS07 SKU: ICE/ACS/TPMS07 OBD2 II Scanner Tool | OBD03 SKU: ICE/SS/OBD03 Dash Cam | DVR027S SKU: ICE/SS/DVR027S Dongle | 3GDONG008 SKU: EE/CPT/3GDONG008 BMW | X5 E53 | Various | Android 10 | Octa Core | 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM | PBX7053B SKU: ICE/HU/PBX7053B BMW | Various | Reversing Camera | CAMBM5003 SKU: ICE/SS/CAMBM5003
  8. Thanks, Dave, getting to grip a bit more now I am beginning to understand which bits are working and which bits are not thanks to the tip from Stu - looks like several sensors front and back as US, so I definitely need to replace some but first step a SCANNER! and some diagnostics! And thanks all for the welcome! Jim
  9. Thanks, Stu fills me with confidence to hear you say that! HaHa Is there a particular make of scanner to get/avoid due to BMW codes?
  10. Hi thanks for allowing me to join I have recently purchased a nice "oldish" lady an X5 E53 about to tip over the 100,000 miles but solid as anything. She is in very good condition considering her age 2005 with one or two things I would like to sort out - the Satnav/Radio and the PDC issue -basically not working but I will search through the various threads as I am sure I am not the only one who has come across these issues so hopefully I can find some answers to these issues! One question from me if I go for an aftermarket Head is the Xtron brand any good?
  11. Ben How did you get on with the change out of your Sensors on the X5?
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