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  1. Hi Dave update this afternoon. The problem that whenever they try to update or extract data errors the system crashes and nothing can be done, so they are stripping out two modules and replacing them, it’s 7 to 10 days before they are available.. I do have the use of a 530e which is not to shabby, I had one for three weeks about 3 years ago when my 520d Touring went in for EGR valve they get down the road at a fair rate of knots
  2. Hi Dave latest update this afternoon. There are three technicians looking at the car and officially they are stumped. Having never seen this warning before they cannot get into the head unit to clear the error messages, and therefore they do not know if it’s affected important systems. The front of house lady said there is quite a lot of head scratching going on.
  3. The service manager telephoned me this morning to say the battery as run down to lack of use and suggested I use a trickle charger. He also said the cars log reads I have only driven it 5km in 5 weeks. So now I know something is wrong as I know I have done at least 400 miles in the last month, so they are taking another look. I will have owned it 12 months September and by then I will have done 9k miles I think that’s sufficient mileage to keep it ticking over nicely.
  4. That’s it nothing happened it still drives. The BMW Tec came out this morning had a quick look then said it’s got to go in. I took it, with him following me, got to the dealership they said not seen this before so it’s got to have a full diagnosis to see what the problem is. I think it may have something to do with the Mild Hybrid second battery and generator. I will let you know when I get it back
  5. Anybody else had this message. It came on last with a phone call two minutes later to see if I needed recovery
  6. If you compare the G01 X3 then it’s head and shoulders the better car for interior space it’s built on the Clar platform which is also the 5 series platform
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