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  1. Many Thanks , have been in touch with Rony who is sorting this for me. All the best.
  2. Many thanks for your import, really appreciate it. Have a good day.
  3. I was searching Google for a RHD android frame for my X3 and came across this site.
  4. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a RHD Android 10.25 frame from. I bought from Aliexpress and they sent for LHD when I asked for the frame for RHD they said factory not working. I have seen a post on here for RHD frames but I cannot get any replies. Maybe someone on here may be able to help. Thanks everyone. Steve
  5. Hi Rony Do you have 2 of these please and what is cost. Thanks Steve
  6. I am in need of 2 of these please. What is the cost?
  7. Hi, I have just been reading about your conversion screen holder. I have just received my 10.25 android and they have sent me a left hand drive version. Are you still doing these screen holders if so at what cost. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Steve
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