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  1. I have an INPA download from Bimmerfest.com - installed with cable etc. I pulled out all the stuff that came on the burner DVD (+Crack) because it made me nervous. Now I'm really scared! Going to have a look and see what I can see... blind leading the blind! Other than all the GONGs, BONGs and Blnken Lights (No spitzen sparken!) I am really enjoying my new ride and I successfully added some trailer lighting without smoking anything and ran down the highway with my dirtbike for a nice sunny day ride in the snow!
  2. I got OBDfusion working on my phone today It will delete/remove the codes, I did that and now I can start with a clean slate. Trying to figure out INPA but, best I can figure is the "copy" I have came with the cable and it is for XP? Is there a preferred website for downloading INPA? I have windows 7... I assume it would be 5.02 with EDIABAS 6.47?
  3. EYUP, our speed limit is 100kph - I see 100 quite often but it's 100mph! A non-event basically, good bones on these cars! The TOYOs really go in the snow too...
  4. I am going for some windows support - I don't have the windows disc(s) I think my cable/DVD combo are suspect so, I am looking for a INPA/INSTA download online to try I think I have 2 sensors #1 precat Bank#1 and Bank#2 - 2 sensors #2 Bank#1 and Bank#2 = 4 sensors total? My understanding is: the front 3x cylinders are treated as bank#1 and separate from the rear 3x cylinders bank#2 each has it's own exhaust(?) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I
  5. BTW I have INPA 5.02 EDIBIAS 6.47 (+Crack) I followed the README but, it says: app32.dll is missing -> Try reinstalling etc.
  6. i'M guessing 5.02 INPA will run on Windows 7 but, this is a burned on DVD copy with cluge notes I can't get working... Is there an online download that we know works? I installed the DEEP OBD app on my phone but, I select bluetooth and it refuses to connect to my BT-Dongle! Fun Fun Fun!
  7. 1st problem I ran into after getting INPA/K-CAN EDIABAS cable and software... My laptop Lenovo Thinkpad is running Windows 7 (Ya I'm old and unsupported!) and I think it won't run this stuff for Windows 10? Correct me if I'm wrong but, now I have a cable, I'm looking for the correct software INPA for Windows 7 Next I saw there is DEEP OBD for Android, I have one of those, downloaded and now I am going to try that either hardwire and or with bluetooth dongle. I have a check engine now and getting messages from TORQUE but, I can't do anything about them! A bunch of senso
  8. Roger that! I will look for the vacuum stuff thanks!
  9. I put a piece of black tape on the TPM light, I am looking for ways to kill the bongs. It took me a few hours to pair my bluetooth phone to the car - newby at iDrive navigating... getting better. Never had a car that hooks to my phone, baby steps. I have a sensor code: P0138 Powertrain O2 sensor circuit high voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2) I have cleared it a few times and it comes right back - used TORQUE to find the code and clear the code. I guess I need to get a sensor and have a look. Cheers Clive
  10. Hi ALL I am running 2x sets of wheels - winter and summer - both do not have sensors. I hear gong show bell alarms and das blinken lights all day long and I want it to stop. I was poodling around in snow today, testing the new Toyo winter tires on 17" BMW rims, the car really handles horrible conditions. Whiteout conditions, crashes all over town and our first day together was quite pleasant. The DTC alarm went off, I guess I should be pressing the DTC button? (Still looking at the manual trying to figure this stuff out) The TPM alarm is lit and it gongs on a reg
  11. I added OBD Fusion to my apps and ordered some USB OBD2 cable stuff for phone and laptop... Looking for PA Soft 1.4.0. download and try that next..
  12. Ps. Is there a good bluetooth phone app (Android) for BMW? I have Torque and a bluetooth dongle that I have used for the SUBY and it is really easy/helpful. I find it really nice to get on the phone, which I always have vs USB/laptop etc. I reckon I need both setups. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Dave, I will see about the program switch off/delete for now... seems pretty common to see the tire light on these cars. I drove three cars here and all of them had the tire light combined with adequate tires and pressures. I have tire sensors on my wife's 1998 C5 Corvette that work and report pressures on all front and rear tires. I was a bit disappointed with the 2010 system not reporting pressures, primitive for state of the art. Looking forward to getting some winter tires, maybe I can find some stock 17" rims that have sensors as well? Thanks for your
  14. Also, found out the tire pressure alarm was on because the 17" wheels were replaced with 18" not run flat tires and no sensors in the wheels. I bought the car this afternoon $7500 CAD taxes included (13% here) I will be getting the road worthy certificate and change the plates/ownership myself. Pickup Monday! Cheers
  15. OK I took the back of the car out, spare tire and everything I could easily remove, there are no traces of any water or damage and it looked remarkably fresh under the floor and in the compartments. Under the car likewise looks fresh and not rusty or corroded at all, for a 10 year old 250,000km vehicle it looks quite good. I'm negotiating with the used car place right now - I may buy it "as is" and safety it myself plus do the transfer and plates myself. I will keep you posted!
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