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  1. Thanks for the welcome. Can I post the pictures here or must I post in a specific section ? Cheers.
  2. I'm new to the Forum and new to BMW, Is there a section here where members post pictures of their treasured motors ?
  3. I've been a member of the Lexus Owners Forum for about 10 years and so, when I bought a BMW it was a natural move to look for a BMW forum, and wallah ! I found this one.
  4. Hi guys, Am about to own my second only BMW. After a lot of research I've plumped for the BMW 3 Series 2.0 320d EfficientDynamics . Having been retired for a number of years now my dynamics have changed and my top priority is now, 1. A great drive. 2. Economy. 3. Really good looks. I'll pick up the 2010 3 series in about a week, I tasked the garage with powder coating the wheels before I collect. There will be lot's of questions, the first being, from where can I download an owner handbook as a PDF ? Cheers.