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  1. Would appreciate your thoughts on 22inch rims on my 640 msport gran coupe. I wanted to know if they will cause any issues down the road. Or if they need coding thanks
  2. Quick update, had the oil and filter changed and now 2 months no warning no issues.
  3. Sorry if this has been covered already I could not find it. I have a 640d m sport 2014 which has covered 40k. I get a drivetrain warning randomly which then tells me to drive moderately. The weird thing is it is not all the time and after 30 mins disappears, can anyone shed light? I had the egr recall checked and pressure tested it was fine. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello All just a quick introduction from me, bought a 6 gran coupe m sport and could not be happier. Got one with 30k on it and mint condition. I actually went to a dealer to buy an Audi A7 (don’t judge me) and this was parked next to it. Was surprised how much these dropped in price and after a test drive of both cars, I did not even haggle. The only part of this car I would like to do something with is the headlights, they look so wrong, even a simple eyebrow may sort them. I am here to see what others have done. Thank you