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  1. I will firstly explain the title of this thread. I own a 6 Series gran coupe that has run flats on 20 inch alloys, it really was shocking over small pot holes and rough surfaces. I was told it was the run flats, they are the cause and I should loose them. I just changed the springs to Eibach 20/25 springs and 15mm spacers all round. I am still running run flats and can tell you. Wow honestly I have owned and modified a lot of cars and never experienced such a change simply by changing springs. It really does take bumps and small pot holes as though they are not there. My car has only done 44k miles therefore it is highly unlikely my springs were done. All in all the run flats have nothing to do with the ride in my experience.
  2. Booked it in for a light upgrade. The pics are what I have asked for plus a few extra goodies, I will of course upload pics. I have a pre-lci model and the round angels are looking dated. Uk company that has been great with their communication.
  3. Guys I know headlights on the f06 have been exhausted but I have not found and thread or anyone selling eyebrows for this. I do believe a decent eyebrow on the top would really change the front end. Btw I did try it with black paper (my car is blue/black) and it really looked good. Does anyone know of any eyebrows made for our 6?
  4. Guys I honestly can say best thing I did was using Eibach springs. Sorry but the forum keeps failing for me to upload pics but it’s not just the look. The car rides the holes and bumps exactly how you would have expected. Honestly I cannot explain how much better it feels on the road. Also looks so much better, still having loads of clearance. I used 15mm spacers all round and Eibach springs 20/25. If anyone can tell me how to upload pics from my phone tgen I can show you before and after pictures.
  5. Appreciate your thoughts. I do have a daily 330e (don’t laugh) therefore the 6 is a weekend occasional drive. I just feel the gap between wheel and arch is too big. I saw a YouTube vid. Showing my car lowered and widened, totally changed the look and according to the guy did not hinder the drive at all. I will post before and after pics after lowering. I have already spacered It all round 15mm which surprisingly has improved the cornering and look. I totally understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea, lockdown has done this too me lol
  6. Guys I appreciate prices vary depending on experience but what would be a decent price to change my springs to Eibach ones on my f06
  7. Grey dog do you not feel the gap between tyre and body is too big? I think they sit too high personally, I’m not a low rider fan but do like a decent stance.
  8. My 2nd one now you will not be disappointed. I cannot fault mine 640 m sport gran coupe.
  9. Just a quick hello, I think the pics on my phone were too large only 1 uploaded but you get to see tge ##### lol
  10. Hi just wanted some input, I have put spacers 15mm all round which I am really pleased with. The stance is much better. I now wanted to lower it 20mm all round. Do you think 20mm all round or 25/20? I am concerned because I chose 15mm spacers all round 25mm drop at front may not be right. Any input would help. i have 640 m sport gran coupe.
  11. Would appreciate your thoughts on 22inch rims on my 640 msport gran coupe. I wanted to know if they will cause any issues down the road. Or if they need coding thanks
  12. Quick update, had the oil and filter changed and now 2 months no warning no issues.
  13. Sorry if this has been covered already I could not find it. I have a 640d m sport 2014 which has covered 40k. I get a drivetrain warning randomly which then tells me to drive moderately. The weird thing is it is not all the time and after 30 mins disappears, can anyone shed light? I had the egr recall checked and pressure tested it was fine. Thanks in advance