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  1. Thanks Dave. I am in touch with the Radio guy and he tells me that the modern (last 10 years ) car radios have no facility or connection point for linking up with CD changers, Reverting back to OEM could be a major exercise because the connections more than likely were trashed when the crappy Chines unit was installed before I bought the car.
  2. Hi Greydog. Thank you for your reply. Looking briefly into the RealOEM site it all gets a bit technical !!! Looking for the various leads/connections would surely involve getting into areas that cable/connections damage can occur. I think that this is a job for the Car Radio specialist that removed the Chinese unit and installed the new Kenwood.
  3. Hi all. I bought my E46 Touring with a crappy Chinese substitute already fitted but it would not hold a signal neither would it store stations into the memory (electrical dementia !!). I had a new Kenwood DPX-5100BT with a single CD slot in the radio Head fitted albeit it would not communicate with the 6 CD changer in the NS rear flank of the load space. What would have been the option of the several 'Head Units' when my car was first built/registered back on/in 1st September 2001 ? The first attachment was of the crappy Chinese offering and the second one is of the Kenwood that is currently installed.
  4. Hi to you all out there. This is not something that I would normally do but I am seriously desperate. If there is any member that is also a member of the E46 Fanatics forum I would very much welcome them making contact with me as I cannot gain access since change of user name some months ago. The Sign-in page has retained my original username and password and is continually flagging it up and I cannot get rid of it;coupled with that I cannot get a message out to the site admin because of some other site issue that has me totally baffled. Regards in anticipation of some help in resolving this really odd situation.
  5. Alan. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the SatNav/Radio/Audio tape,the BMW diagnostic tool that my BMW Independent/Specialist uses confirmed the issue.
  6. Hi Alan. There was a recall on the driver airbag followed very soon after with a repeat on the passenger airbag. I had my 320i Touring Automatic done,followed by my 325Ci Convertible Auto and then my 330i Touring Auto. The 325Ci Convertible suffered a failure with the sound system and needed to be sent away for a new component at an eye-watering £300+00. followed by a failure of everything 'air distribution',fan,AC,de-mist,heater - the lot but that was a mere £160+.00. that was all below 60,000 miles albeit the car was a 2002 model.
  7. Hi again Fuzzy. I have heard of the rear window issue before and I think that it was a faulty Micro switch,the rear sensor wiring issue and the rear window issue are best checked out on the MB Star Diagnostic Tool at your nearest BMW Independent/Specialist. You could spend hours chasing faults and still not find/solve them;the Star Diagnostic tool will pinpoint then in minutes and save you possibly hours of frustration.
  8. Hi Fuzzy. The intermittent Amber Oil light is a faulty sensor,I had mine replaced at approximately 132,000 by my BMW Specialist/Independent,not an expensive job as I recall. The intermittent faulty reverse sensors on my 51 plate 330i Automatic has been diagnosed as a damage wire,possibly cracked outer plastic case and due a rewire shortly. I recently had the transmission service carried out by the same BMW specialist,not cheap but less costly than replacing a buggered automatic box. The car is going in on Wednesday for a new black rubber frame around the windscreen - circa £110.00. The car is now at 135,200 and running as smooth and sweet as whipped cream.
  9. Hi all. Has anyone yet figured out why the E46's suffer with misting around the power steering fluid reservoir ? There is a small hole on the finger grip edge of the screw cap but I am not so sure that that is where the power steering fluid is exiting the chamber/reservoir. Also while I am on the site - why is it that the E46 Convertible marque owners have not been warned that parking facing uphill is not a brilliant idea because of the inability for water to escape out of the drainage channels ?
  10. Hi to you all out there. I am not totally new to the BMW marque having had a 2000 2.0 ltr Z3 Automatic (Topaz Blue Metallic and a 2002 325Ci Convertible Automatic (Light Gold Metallic) and more recently a 2003 320i Touring Automatic (Grey/Green) and very recently I have found a much searched for 330i Touring Automatic. I will post images in the next few days.