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  1. Hi all. Has anyone yet figured out why the E46's suffer with misting around the power steering fluid reservoir ? There is a small hole on the finger grip edge of the screw cap but I am not so sure that that is where the power steering fluid is exiting the chamber/reservoir. Also while I am on the site - why is it that the E46 Convertible marque owners have not been warned that parking facing uphill is not a brilliant idea because of the inability for water to escape out of the drainage channels ?
  2. Hi to you all out there. I am not totally new to the BMW marque having had a 2000 2.0 ltr Z3 Automatic (Topaz Blue Metallic and a 2002 325Ci Convertible Automatic (Light Gold Metallic) and more recently a 2003 320i Touring Automatic (Grey/Green) and very recently I have found a much searched for 330i Touring Automatic. I will post images in the next few days.