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  1. UPDATE... Since clearing the faults the light came back on with the codes P110d (throttle position sensor) and P 0221 (catalyst system fault) The smoke is white and smells of un burnt fuel, and upon clearing the codes again it has gone into limp home mode :/
  2. Not long bought an e46 Touring 318i 2 litre auto to replace my e36 318i saloon, the engine light was on and i read the codes and cleared them it says that the emission valves are deteriorated :/ the car does seem to smoke a bit while driving... any help would be greatly appreciated... Cheers guys
  3. Hey guys :) Just got myself a 1998 318i SE saloon, The abs seems to come one everytime you go near the pedal. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Hello, Just thought that i would introduce myself, Just bought a 1998 318i SE saloon :P It does seem to have and overactive ABS problem though, Anyone know of a possible reason? Tia