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Locating wheels on the hubs - very low key tip!

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Maybe its only me but I've always found it frustrating trying to line up the holes in the wheels with the holes in the hubs, trying to support the wheel one handed against the weight (need more spinach). My simple solution (and maybe 100 people have already had this idea) was to cut the heads off two suitable set screws (or bolts), thus creating the right size studs, then squared off the end where the bolt head was.

Now I insert these 2 studs just barely one turn in the top two holes of the hub and the wheel then goes straight on and stays there while I locate the other 3 wheel bolts. I then remove the 2 manufactured studs and replace with the wheel bolts. The reason I flatten one end of the studs off is so I can use a socket or thin nose pliers if the studs stick (only happens if you've put them in too far).

It could just be that someone, somewhere would also find this helpful - I realise that this is not on a work of great genius! I put it on a par with someone telling me years ago to roll the front wheels of a Caterham onto a plank of wood so as to be able to get a jack underneath 🤪 I'm preparing to be mocked 🤔

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