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so I've just bought a 2008 120d SE, loving it so far, feeling much quicker than my 1.4 petrol Astra!! i have a question though, should the rear end of the car feel a little bouncy? it isn't excessive, might just be me getting used to a much lower, different style of car... but should it feel bouncy? it isn't on m sport suspension or anything and i do live in devon with lots of uneven roads, no squeaks or knocks from suspension, just checking everything is as it should be really!


EDIT: i have the coupe model!!!

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Morning Isaac

Welcome to the Forum

In a word "NO" the rear shouldn't feel Bouncy?

As your car is a 2008 model the rear shock absorbers could well be at the end of their life, they work hard and don't last forever.

Check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model then look in the Rear Axle section for the right part number. Then use Google to get the best price for the correct parts Remember always change suspension parts in pairs left and right.

Good Luck


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It’s not excessive though and only really feels like it on country roads, I’m pretty sure they shock absorbers are fine as they were replaced in the last MOT, and looking at them there’s no oil leaking, they look clean and I’m getting perfectly even tyre wear, I don’t want to spend a load on suspension parts if there’s nothing wrong?

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