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Hi all, two questions on my new x1

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Hi all

 I’m happy to be here 

 I have recently bought a BMW X1 xDrive 25e. The car is awesome, however I have two questions

1-it looks like the headlight-beam-assist is not installed on the car. When I go to connected drive it says it’s not installed. I do have adaptive beam but not the hba. is it possible to install it?


2- just another wild question. Do they at bmw service install a panaromic (moon roof) on these cars upon request or there is some policy to install it on specific models

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Morning Amir

Welcome to the Forum

Question (1) If HBA is not installed but you have the button on the end of the left stalk I believe you can purchase and download the function using Connected Drive. Or your Dealer can do it when it is in for service, for a cost of course. BMW know many ways of squeezing money out of your wallet 😁

Or you could save money and just use the dip switch manually 🤣 the mark 1 eyeball detects lights earlier than the sensor will and if the eyeball isn't working you shouldn't be driving anyway 😎

Question (2) Pan roofs are really not practical as a retro fit the roof bracing is different to retain crash integrity. So if the roof is in the build specification the body shell used will have all the correct bracing in place. 


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