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Hi Michael

Happy New Year Welcome to the Forum

BMW's normal service sequence should be in your service book with a tick sheet of items checked/serviced, if you don't have that then from memory.

15000 miles

Oil change, Check all Fluids, Rotate tyres/wheels and balance ( Note! only if the wheel tyre set up is same front and rear. If the set up is staggered "wider rear" check tyres and balance) Note BMW oil changes are every 15000 miles I change mine annually regardless of mileage covered, In my case often less than 5000 miles.

30000 miles

As above plus. Check Brake Pads, Check Suspension and Shocks Check Fuel Filter (Note often forgotten even by Dealers)

60000 miles

As 30000 miles plus. Check Battery and replace as required. Check Brake Rotors replace as required Check all belts and hoses and replace if needed

90000 miles

The 60000 service is repeated plus 

A thorough check top and bottom for leaks or any sign of deuteriation, Check fuel pressure at the Fuel Rail Check injectors and Glow Plug operation. Check all vehicle Safety Features.

Beyond 90000 miles 

Start the sequence again from 30000 miles but take more care with visual checks of all belts tensioners and suspension components 

You should also get time dependent item for change such as Coolant and Brake Fluid normally you will get the Clock symbol come up with the service indicator on the dash.

Most service items are available from good Motor Factors or from BMW who do give some good discounts for older models, worth checking costs.

If you are not aware check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model. That way your sure your getting the right parts.

If I was uncertain as to the history I would change Oil and Filter, Air Filter and Pollen filter. Fuel Filter. Make a visual check of all belts and tensioners (no squeaks rattles or vibration). Check all bushes and shocks Check tyres for wear.

Good Luck

Hope this is some help


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