Finally got my e90 330d (review)

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Hi everyone,

After initially searching for months to find my ideal car and giving up it finally appeared. I have now been the owner of a e90 330d in Le Mans blue for 3 1/2 months and can say after the initial hiccups has been great. 

I decided one last attempt at looking and late at night one appeared, so I left a voicemail. The next morning my call was returned and deposit was paid shortly after. I went to view and test drive then a week later took the car for ownership after its servicing and tyres being fitted. As I viewed in really hot weather there were no issues however when the weather returned cold or if it had been sat there was a lumpy idle issue. This was a few days after pickup and the car was in a local specialist garage who deemed it to be glow plugs. These were changed and at the time while the manifold was off I opted to get the swirl flap blanking kit fitted. The issue was still there the next morning and the kit wasn't fitted due to time so I decided to purchase myself and fit the next evening over a couple hours. 

After fitment of the swirl flap kit on start up there was no issues at all and has been fine ever since. I can only put the issue initially down to potential swirl flap failure being imminent. 

However I ended up with a car with new plugs covered under warranty and be fine for the rest of ownership and fornoeace of mind swirl flap kit fitted. 

For the car it had 113,500 miles. Full service history with full black leather, I drive pro, xenons, access pack, fold rear seats, original folders and kits etc an more.  The car then had an oil service, MOT, two new tyres and health check  

Ive taken the car on various long trips and has returned some impressive mpg (see pics) all in comfort and luxury. 

Only little niggles I've had which have been little and also a common one is the rear wire trunking for the lights had a wire go due to someone slamming the boot down but this was easily rectified. The other the angel eye on one side bulb was flickering. Initial thought was the bulb and I popped a new one in and checked, all was good until I closed the bonnet and fitted the multiple fasteners when it went out. In the end it turned out the connector in the back of the bulb was loose and came off so this again was easily rectified. 

Ive attached a few pics below. I plan to fit a black grill, rear csl spoiler and tint rear set windows so tasteful but not chavvy. I also hope to get the car remapped but can't find where is best for money and cost. I fitted some carbon wrap but shortly after it started peeling from hot weather. The last pic also shows the result of the garage fitting the antibroll bar bolt in without checking so I end up with no washer fluid also!! As a pic shows below for half a tank it had a range of 650 miles which I don't think is normal haha however sometimes I wonder if it has been economy remapped. Another potential thing to do is a different colour for the wheels but I'm in two minds as yet. Other than that I'm happy with the car and hopefully have many years of happy ownership. 










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Hi Dan.....

Thanks for posting up the report and photos, useful to anyone who is thinking of replacing the swirl flaps.

Fine looking motor, would be interested to see the mods as they unfold.

Cheers,  Trevor

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Hi Trevor,

Thnaks for your comments. A quick question is this the place to post or is there more specific 330d owners or e90 as looking at a lot of the posts the comments can be couple years old as if no ones posting anymore. 


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