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E90 320D Se Intermittent Power Failure On Acceleration


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Hi. Over the past week my 2006 320d SE has developed what I can only describe as an intermittent power failure.

On acceleration, there is a loss of power (someone has indicated this may be a turbo failure). The only light that flashes up on the instrument panel is the traction control light (as if I am wheel spinning). It is intermittent in that sometimes it does not happen, yet sometimes it is present for 80% of a journey. I have only tested it on short journeys, less than 5 miles, as I am worried this may be a big problem and I don't want to antagonise it anymore than I need to.

I can't provide any more information other than this, sorry. I'm am not sure what it is or what it could be and any help, guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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hello, i had a similar problem with my bm, i was losing power on corners and my traction light was flashing as if wheels were spinning, even at very low speeds. i did a bit of digging and turns out it was the ABS ring on the rear driveshafts. i took the rear sensors out witha 7mm allen key i think? maybe 6, anyway this gives you access to see the ring down the sensor hole and allow you to clean and inspect it. after cleaning the ring and sensor the problem cleared up for about 4 months but returned. i ended up changing one of the abs sensors and has been running fine since!

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