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A guide to help you get started into deep cleaning your cars exterior!

I have posted this guide in the cleaning section, copied here as might help out a few more members

Here will be a short guide for to clean your car to the highest standard.

I have been cleaning cars to a high standard for 3 years.

I will post links with Halfords as easiest place to buy from

This will not include wheels or inside

What you will need:

2 Buckets

Access to fresh water (hose preferably)

1 wash mitt

Microfiber cloths


Clay bar

Back to black


Wax (dark car)

Wax (light car)

Step One.

Rinse your car using a hose, on a medium pressure setting, no need to jet wash, this is to remove bird crap, leaves and other 'big' imperfections.

Step Two.

Fill one bucket with clean water (fresh), fill one bucket with warm water and a cap of shampoo. Add this last, and mix with hand, otherwise will foam up too much.

Step three.

Wet the mitt in the shampoo bucket, and using a circling motion start to clean the car. When residue is getting minimal, rinse the mitt in fresh water. Shake the mitt around, and rinse it. Then put mitt back into the shampoo bucket. Complete car using this method.

Step Four.

Rinse off using hose

Step Five.

Open the clay bar pack, soak in warm water and tear off a small piece about an inch wide and 5mm thick. Use the 'Rapid detailer' it's a spray and will create a mist. spray onto panel and use the clay bar in a small circular motion, if the bar is getting stuck, use more spray. once it runs smooth, move to the next area. Concentrate on a 5cm at a time, try to make this how big the circles are.

If you look at the clay bar, it will be brown/black, flip around and continuously check.

Clay bars will remove ground in dirt and tar splatters

If you drop it, best to get a new piece.

Step Six.

Wash car. Yep. Using the two bucket set up, wash again, this will remove all residue left by the clay bar.

Step Seven.

Rinse using hose

Step Eight.

Dry using 3 microfibers

Try to dab rather then drag

Step Nine.

Polish. Apply a small amount into a folded microfiber cloth, fold onto itself to create a bigger surface area. Pressing quite hard make small circles. Do this all the way round the car. When you get back to where you started it will have gone quite flakey/ crusty.

Using a new microfiber cloth small circles to remove polish.

Step Ten

Waxing time. Using the application pad, make swirls, you do not need to press hard, just make sure the car is covered. It will haze quite quickly which is fine. You do not need to use too much in one area, just so its covered will be fine. Again go round the car until you come back to where you started. Then using the last microfiber cloth, remove as you did the polish, in small circles.

I have a 2000 E46, and my results are very good when you consider the age:

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