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  1. I have a set of brand new, never used CREED LED angel eyes that fit several BMW models. Click on the link (below) this will direct you to the company that I purchased these from. It also list all BMW models hat these are compatible with. As mention above still in boxed and never used! Paid £70 grab a bargain, looking for £50 including postage. Pm if interested https://www.horizonleds.co.uk/bmw-20w-h8-cree-led-angel-eyes?search=BMW 6&description=true
  2. Hello Steve. I have a 635d on a 2009 and I only bought it 3 weeks ago. With a budget of 12k you will be able to find one that is near on pristine condition! I paid £7400 for mine with only 2 previous owners and full BMW service history! I even have the original receipt of sale for £63800 ten years ago. This is not my first BMW however it is my first 6 series and like you wanted to know what to look for and know what I was looking at being backed with as much knowledge as I could so I wasn’t parting my cash for as you say a lemon. So from my experience first of all service history is a must!! Common issues with these are swirl flaps, it’s about £150 to have them deleted. From the information I’ve gathered on them it was a poor decision on BMW’s half to ever use them. And having them removed makes no difference to the performance of the car at all. Second thing is the DPF, now the rough life span of the DPF from factory is 120k “roughly” and if they do fail it’s a £1200 job from BMW. But if you have the history you may find a receipt of it already being replaced (mileage dependant) Another thing to look for is blocked rain gutters. I have been told that if they block then the water runs between the door and the actual interior door card. (But this another thing hat I read up on with these cars) mine seems to be ok (fingers crossed) Mine is the sports with every optional extra bar the rear reversing camera. But touch wood I haven’t had any issue with anything and all is working as it should. There is another forum called bimmerforum.co.uk and on there, there is a special 6 series buying guide for you to look up. But these cars as said above are pretty bulletproof, as long as it’s been well looked after. i would suggest with the budget you have to write down the exact spec that you want and the colour that you want to. Don’t buy one just for the sake of wanting one. Get one that has everything you want, once you find the one pay a bmw specialist to go view the car with you along with his computer to plug it in and run through any fault codes. If you buy from a Trader all cars now come with minimum 3 months warranty. But if you want there is a company called click 4 warranty in my option they offer the best cover but you must go for the 5 star service to be completely covered. also I would recommend lowering your budget to around 9/10k and keep a couple back just if anything was to go fail in the future you won’t be taking more out your pocket as you would have it left from your original budget. I hope my advice is helpful. And here’s a pic of mine. I absolutely love it, it’s an amazing car and so much car for the money you won’t regret it as long as you do your research. Good luck and keep us posted Rik these are before and after shots of my 635 😉
  3. Thanks Dave, as for the pup aka “Dubs” he’s not allowed to roll in the BM 🤣 if he’s coming out then we take the wife’s car 👍
  4. Hello everyone, i purchased my 2009 E63 635d about 2/3 weeks back. It had a great spec with every optional extra apart from the rear reversing camera, I even have the original receipt of sale from back in 2009 for £63800!! It’s covered 140k only 2 previous owners and has full BMW service history, being that I only paid £7400 for it I think it’s an amazing car plus it’s a damn lot of car for the money. Since ownership I have already changed the wheels, tinted the windows along with a couple other subtle changes. I hope you like it? I’ve done a before and after gallery for you. Let me know your thoughts thanks Rik
  5. Hey People, Not sure if i'm posting my thread in the right section here?? :wacko: But here's my work so far and paint build. Hope you all like and YES that is Lamborghini pearl orange!!! Thoughts please......... P.S. Not completely finished yet :ph34r:
  6. OK guys and girls, The wait is over!!!! Thoughts please, Lamborghini pearl ORANGE!!!! As you can see, Not 100% complete but very nearly. Still gotr more plans but we cant all run before we walk aye?? :P
  7. Hello Daz, Thanks for the welcome and thanks on for the comments :D
  8. Hears the work in progress guys, I do have a preview in the color but I don't want to spoil the surprise :P
  9. Hey thanks Dilly, And yea they do suit it but I put the originals back on now and painted them gloss black :D
  10. Thanks Bruce, Yea I liked those rims but being 19's wasn't practical :lol: So changed them back to the standard rims, and she just had a color change to :D Ill post up the pics Monday.
  11. Hello guys and girls, I thought id drop in and introduce myself. Im Rik, Recently bought a E46 320D Touring. And yes it is the slow 136bhp model, but I can assure you as slow as she is I love it and I have made sure she knows it!! I used to be a VW man but truth be told, after many years of owning so many and spending £££ on them I soon realized that I got to move on to bigger and better German things. I Did own an E46 M3 SMG a couple years back and I loved it!! but at the time and for personal reasons I had to sell it and regretted it ever since. In fact (not sure if the current owner is a member?) but if you own my old M3 would love to know how shes doing? Reg is SP02 CRV. But back to my Touring, I have many plans for it and im looking forward to sharing my build with you all. I do have a very big surprise which I will reveal on Monday. So until then, keep your eyes out for any updates and I look forward to talking to you all.