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  1. Sorry About The Pictures. Just want to know PRIORITY of what to fix First!. I know about seats and lights, but what else is there in a novice way please....Pic/Diagram's appreciated ... Eg: Welding is it a big job?????? Stupid...Wanting to drive my 1st BM..................... Thank you kenny>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <_<
  2. I think this is a Great Idea....I'm Kenny from Greenock. 1993 320 I AUTO cOUPE Where are the two of you from? Can't believe there is no sCottish club..... Kenny... :wacko: M3
  3. BMW 320i E36 AUTO (1993) Ovefuelling problem after I accidentally put too much engine oil in car. The wiring diagram states that the Relay is switched from the ECU. Is the ECU in this car a SRAIGHT PLUG IN or CODED(Dealership Job)..? Thanks.. Kenny
  4. Hi Guy's can you suggest a *Induction Filter Kit.* for my 320 i 1993 Coupe?....Boosting my BHP?? Do they save you on fuel too.. :rolleyes: ? Any suggestion's as to get a bit more out of the old boy :blink: would be much appreciate>>>>> Regards Kenny<<>> :P
  5. Thank's Guys New Plugs and spark.....Got me thinking any overload of oil is going to affect all the small arterioles and clogging the whole system!.....CPS??...What is that?...I'm a nurse so i'm trying to equate Human body system's and The cars different systems.....Only had 2weeks in 8month in car...PISSSED.OFF!....LOL... Guy's you are gems, sharing your knowledge...Many Thanks..... Foolish Guy Blue!!!!!
  6. **Car still not working_I hold my hands up with ignorance....I poured ........ a whole bottle of MOTOR OIL INTO ENGINE****..Total Fool....Getting Car "SCOPED" and my friend has diagnostic equipment tomorrow . Garage was trying to find the fault by Trial and Deduction ..eg...Could be anything..! Have any if you experienced guy's thing of the PRIMARY CAUSE to this Non Starter...???? Thank You Kenny>><<
  7. Just worked out why my 1993 320i auto was a non starter. Put Battery in can and lifted bonnet. A constant clicking noise was coming from under the inlet manifold and never stopped. Took the hose off manifold and the car expelled oily Petrol and oil all over the street. I'm a total novice but trying to find problem. Could this be caused by an electrical system?. Immobiliser? Relay? Any Help appreciated.... Kenny <_<
  8. Have a BMW 320i Auto Coupe 1993. Examined Plugs and they were "Soaking"...with oil. All exept one(Dry)...Also Charged battery to full, put in Car and after trying to turn the engine over, I stopped and left overnight. Cam backin morning...TOTALLY DEAD!!!!! :huh: pLESE ADVISE AS SAME...... kENNY>><< <_<
  9. Hi Guy's I'm Kenny with my 1st BM. I basically let fuel run out and car fires up ok_then comes to a HALT. Have done all the usual things: BATTERY/FUSES/FUEL....etc.....Bought NGK plugs, but being new(to BMW and Cars in general)....Don't know how to fit.....Ok Ok.....STOP LAUGHING! :D Also my BONNET WONT SHUT properly. NO CLICK to secure....SUGGESTIONS? PS: Anyone in and around the GREENOCK area could have a look :rolleyes: Would be totally appreciated..... Eager to learn about car>>> Thank You Kenny ^_^
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  11. Welcome to the BMW Owners Club theeflash1 :)

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