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  1. Can anyone help I'm almost at my end with this car VID_20220925_122542.mp4
  2. There's been no work done yet or has anyone looked at it, it's not staying in reverse gear at all, but if I hold it in hard enough I can use it, fella reckons gearbox or gear cable
  3. Good morning dave much appreciate the feed back,, Al have a look into this today. Also have another problem now, went to take the car a good run last night and now back reverse gear won't stay in position. Mechanic thinks it may be the cable but would you have any other solutions thanks darryl
  4. Much appreciated dave, is there a way to campare the new type injector to the old type. I've had it coded in also thanks darryl
  5. Can some help me with this, just recently replaced a fuel injector and glow plug. Since then the car has been very sluggish, white smoke from exhaust when I put the foot down and there's a pull back in every gear. I've had the DPF AND EGR removed and eco map put in and still no change. I starting to get worried now when I read about it I'm seeing things I don't want to see, anyone any recommendations thanks darryl
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