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  1. hi all i got it all done and pretty straight forward. so i followed this tutorial on youtube: and purchased these modules from ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174779451383?hash=item28b1aac7f7:g:-QQAAOSwIlhf87~f attached is the finished result
  2. hey greydog, thanks for the reply i messaged a company online and showed them the image. apparently i need the led module below https://xenons4u.co.uk/185920-00-led-module.html ive seen people change it on youtube but i suppose i have no other choice but to try it has anyone got any experience with this? thanks
  3. hello all been searching the site for the answers but couldn't find anything, hence this post. as you can see from he picture, the passenger side outer angel eye is not working and I have no idea where or what part i need to replace it. This is the original BMW headlight not a HELLA brand and my car is stated as BMW 5 Series F10 LCI 520d Sedan (5E52) 2015 520d M Sport. as it s not working, i would have thought it would show an error on the dash, but nothing. appreciate any help thanks
  4. Hello All As the title says i have 2 520d m sports, 2014black and 2015white. They both run perfect but I'm just wondering why there is a difference in engine noise when revved? the 2015 has less miles but sounds more tractory ( if thats even a word lol ) . When idle they are both the same, so i wonder why the difference in the 2015white and should i be worried? btw - the 2015 white had a recent timing change ( got a 12 month warranty on it, but cannot remember what it sounded like before) final note - ive owned both cars only a few months. please have a listen to the 2 vids - they were both started today in the morning on cold starts my friends are saying ive gone mad and its just 1st world problems lol WhatsApp Video 2022-09-10 at 1.16.53 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2022-09-10 at 1.17.00 PM.mp4
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