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  1. Hi dave I will have a look tomorrow under the spare wheel, thank you for your advice I will start investigating. The radio didn't work when I bought it he said it just went off one day so maybe the fuse has popped or it's just gave up the goose Graham
  2. Hi Dave This does help alot thank you, there seems to be power well I think, the screen seems to come on its dull but I can only see a few pixels coming through and the eject button works for the screen to slide down but i cant say i see the power light coming on. There is no sound though I can't even put a cd in to try that as the eject button is missing 😅. I did go to the scrap yard to try another and that didn't work either but if there's something else wrong that might explain why, is there any sure way of testing everything Graham
  3. Hi im hoping someone can help me. I recently purchased a 2006 3.0l D sport x5 the satnav screen has totally gone in it, when I went to halfords to buy a replacement radio the guy said I would need a whole new wiring loom which will cost about a grand. So does anyone know if the guy is right or where I can get another original screen either new or reconditioned Thank you in advance
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