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  1. You could be on to something there,mirrors don’t fold in either,and you cannot set the memory on the seat.
  2. Thanks Dave,is there a way to identify if the seat switch is at fault? Im an old get as well,I got a quote from Directline for £196 so I think that is as good as I’m going to get lol. Is there a way to reset the service indicator light without a code reader?
  3. Gearbox flushed,coolant system flushed no problems with oil being present where it’s not meant to be?Now going to carry out major service,with all filters,oil,pcv valve and oils. Is the power steering quite heavy on these or is my power steering pump suspect?. Rear level sensors to replace and steering column adjustment motors to change,restoration in progress lol Anyone recommend a reasonable insurance company for BMW X5 Many thanks.
  4. That will be why I can’t find an orifice to plug it into lol
  5. Oil leaking from auto trans heat exchanger,dropped sump pan on gearbox to drain it,is it possible to drain the torque converter at all..?
  6. Found the origin of the vacuum pipe is the transfer box for the fwd,don’t where it fits into though.
  7. I found this nylon van pipe nestled behind the oil filter housing but can’t see where it’s likely to go,can anyone help me locate it?
  8. Where is the most likely place to pass oil into the coolant circuit,is it the oil cooler or the transmission heat exchanger?
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