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  1. Hello All - we are new to BMW having spent decades with the other German marques. Our son went out an bought a ten year old 735i as a first car (OK, he lives overseas so there is distance if something goes wrong..) a super car. Added to the fact that we have recently hired a couple of X1s and have become a BMW converts. We are looking at a 2012 2.0 diesel auto SE X3 in the next few days - mileage is not huge at 78k I wondered if there are major issues that must be looked into? The car has history, but it is not all BMW. We currently have a large 3 litre diesel 4WD estate and simply don't require that sort of volume any more. We will be doing a fair bit of motorway miles so are looking for something comfortable with some space a touch of grace and ideally enough under the bonnet not to make it labour. As we are involved in some mountains in winter, the 4x4 element is important for us too. Anything I should be looking for which we should avoid?
  2. Thanks all I'm not discounting the 3 litre petrol entirely yet.......I've just seen an 08 X3 2.0d SE Sport available but have a nagging idea i wont be overawed in terms of cabin size and the power I'm still amazed at the premium on LHD cars in UK and will see if there is a trick being missed of buying in Europe (Greece in a non-starter prices are completeley out of control)
  3. Dave - Stu, Morning thanks for the welcome and very quick reactions - very nice. As mentioned very keen on the model now having had a little taster the space and heft of the thing really does appeal. I had in mind the V6 petrol would not be as much of a guzzler as it is and was veering that way as older diesels become less of an attractive proposal - we are looking for a car to dive to southern Italy and on to Greece for extended stays with family (and to take the dog...) The Greeks are starting to have a bit of a thing about Athens and diesel so I'm told.. The blow now is that that car is really in good shape brand new Pirelli's all round and the wheels look immaculate (must be a re-furb) the only other consideration is I just don't 'get' the price structure for LHD - what were once a give-away are now SUPER pricey. That car is up for ten grand!
  4. Hello All, Wonder if anyone can spare me a few moments of assistance please? I have lots of history with Mercedes and Audi - my son has just purchased a 735i (2010) and I’m massively impressed… We are looking for a LHD motor for long trips in Europe. Although I wasn’t the first car I was looking at we viewed an 03 X5 3 litre V6 petrol with 70k miles on the clock - overall the car is in very good order drives well no obvious faults. It would have been supplied originally to the Middle East and has the larger fuel tank. I would be very keen to hear any do’s/don’ts and what to look for - having tried various other cars I have to admit I’m keen on this car in terms of build quality, feeling of space and the bonus security being in a solid car plus it feels SO much better all round than two ML’s of similar age we owned years ago. Hoping a few keen owners will be able to guide us into ownership.
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