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  1. Hi Greydog,thanks for your quick reply! Many Thanks for your input, the part I was given was the Blower Fan unit, it bolts underneath the actual fan ( in the engine bay by the bulkhead) did this but the fan still only works intermittently! Will this model still have a Final Stage resistor below the dashboard or have I just replaced it? It couldn’t have broken at the worst time when we all need a clear screen, any suggests and pointers would be much appreciated,thanks again
  2. Hi Guys, Just joined the Bimmers!! Woo Hoo! Thanks for having me, be gentle with me! Ous son has a 2013 520D and the blower has packed in ( apparently a common fault?) I’m intending to replace myself tomorrow but when I bought the part ( Williams Liverpool) it wasn’t the Hedgehog looking unit I was expecting,this is a rather flat unit,no spikes/ prongs, also , when I checked on YouTube all the videos are showing the unit under the glovebox at the back of the gear box tunnel but they all are left hand Drive models, Would this be the same on Right hand Drive models? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks Guys, Ged
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