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  1. Can anyone offer any advice regarding both of my car key fobs not opening the car using the "unlock" button on both fobs.? I've had new batteries installed in the key fobs and initially they worked but after a drive home taking 45 mins, they both stopped working!!!, the only way I can get in the car is to take the key out of the fob and manually open the door, however when using this method the car alarm sounds off when the drivers door is opened. When the key is put back in to the fob and the fob is put in the starting slot the alarm silences and the fob will start the car. I'm reluctant to take it to BMW due to the costs involved so if anyone has any suggestions ,I'd really appreciate any help. TIA.
  2. Hi lads and lasses, I'm the owner of a 630i and love it. I've had it for almost seven years but have started to get a few electrical issues now. I'm hoping to find some help/answers on here, thanks.
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