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  1. Many thanks, good to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the advice. Michelle
  2. Thanks Dave, that’s very helpful! Michelle
  3. To clarify, when I say upping the mileage I mean using the car more and therefore be using the screen wash more often…
  4. Hi all. Grateful for advice please. I’ve just bought a 2 series 2ltr diesel convertible before Christmas and am having a problem with the screen wash. The motor is working, but I think there is blockage as when I fill the resovoir no fluid goes down and I am definitely putting screen wash in the correct place. The garage is collecting it on Wednesday as they didn’t have time to mot it before Christmas… it still has an mot but they like to give a years mot on everything they sell. Clearly if it’s not working it will fail, and they need to fix it as it under warranty but I’ve noticed that on a previous mot, it had a similar problem. Obviously I’m keen to get it sorted out properly to avoid a repeat. Over the last 2/3 years it has done very little mileage (due to covid) only has 10000 on the clock (16 plate) so a good find! 😊 My question is: Is this a common problem with BMWs or this model? I’ve not had one before. Could the lack of running around have contributed to the screen wash getting glupey and therefore upping the mileage will help avoid the problem? What should I expect the garage to do to resolve it? i don’t want half a job just to get it through the MOT. Is it just s flush of the system? Should they replace pipes? Thank you in advance Michelle
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