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  1. Pushing stalk only gets outside headlights on not inside, inside will only flash thanks
  2. Can anyone enlighten me to what lights come on on what switch . So on the outside headlight I have halo , dipped beam and high beam on the inner lights I have halo and nothing except flash on high beam is this correct .. thanks
  3. Morning yes I was just saying that this morning , its holding back on gears so doesnt rev through first 2 are OK then holds back although all gears do work holds back in manual too . Thanks Mark.... nit had much to do with these boxes before
  4. Wondering if it can be solenoid problem
  5. No its column shift done by bmw so no further forward still holds gear I found sport and manual itsthe same in sport or drive first 2gears normal change in kickdown after that it holds at 3000rpm foot on the floor 60mph thats it in manual it goes through all 6 gears
  6. Hi sorry not very good just got car nt sure about sort mode its a column shift dont know about sport mode or manual it changes up sometimes when driven normal but not on kickdown if gentle with a accelerator its ok
  7. Carnt see a sort mode dont know about manual mode mode , it was all fine but now it changes up through first 3 or 4 fine but then 60 mph it sticks at 3000rpm ish even with foot flat to the floor wont change up . Mark
  8. 2008 730d auto kick down through first 3 or 4 gears is fine but when I get to 60mph about 3000rpm it won't change up to next gear and just holds that gear any suggestions welcome thanks mark
  9. Hi just joined im mark
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