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  1. Hi again Dave, Up until yesterday (before I replaced the wiper blade) the rear wiper has been working absolutely fine and doing a full sweep from bottom left to bottom right and then back to bottom left nice and smoothly then as soon as I e changed the blade it started making this noise even if the old (worn out) blade was put back in so I've no idea what's happened as the wiper arm is regularly lifted when washing so I've really no idea what I've done 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Paul
  2. As you can see, it's got nothing to do with the blade coming into contact with anything nor does it do the full sweep of the screen anymore so I've no idea what's happened as just pulled the arm up and swapped out the wiper blade at the weekend 🤷🏻‍♂️ MOV_1256.mp4
  3. Morning, It's not the wiper arm hitting anything as it even makes the noise when the arm is pulled back off the screen. Will do a better vid later once on my break and hopefully someone can telle what I've done 😞
  4. Evening, Have just changed the rear wiper blade and now am getting a god awful clicking noise coming from the arm and it doesn't sweep as much of the screen as it did before, what the hell have I done!! (Hope the very poor video clip helps) Regards Paul MOV_1255.mp4
  5. Evening Dave, Have had a look on realoem site but was just wanting something a bit brighter than what I've got already as the light being emitted just don't seam as bright as once was and yes the lenses are clear, not crystal clear but not all hazed or cloudy. Cheers Paul
  6. As stated possibly this is going to be a stupid question but have always been told the only stupid question is an unasked one 🤷🏻‍♂️ But anyway I'm wanting to change/replace the headlight bulbs in my 2007 E61 LCI 535 So was wondering what bulbs I'd need to look for as seams to be various configurations available 🤔 so some help would be appreciated 👍🏻 Thanks in advance Paul
  7. Thanks 👍🏻 Found a decent priced new one for £300 delivered and a local body shop to paint it for £200 so not too bad 🤔 then once painted il swap them over myself.
  8. Morning all, As per the title (and I know probably not the place to post but it's not a sales request so hope it's allowed) I've had a bit of an incident with the front bumper on my car and am looking to find the best place to get hold of a new replacement either genuine BMW or a very good OEM one or as it will need painting I'm also considering a nice looking aftermarket one that could give me a better look so any help and ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
  9. I found this info from another forum (if this isn't allowed then please let me know and will delete 👍🏻) Offers in my eyes a great and well easy solution for powering your dashcam plus stays on for 10-15 minutes after turning the car off so still records after you've parked. Not too sure what other BMW models have this feature but saves hacking into existing wires and the time comes to sell the car on you can remove and no one is any the wiser that it was ever there. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/125539-torch-socket/#comment-1349392
  10. Morning, Yes I could of gone down the route of removing the main head unit, but I didn't want to have to go down the route of taking most of the dash apart to do so, so using an old buggered torch for the glovebox was a much easier and better solution. Paul
  11. Morning Dave, Yeah that's what I thought too as didn't like the idea of tapping into existing wires that I'd have to go in again and remove if I was to ever sell the car on as new owner may not like the idea also, so this way it's much less invasive and can be just pulled out as and when and you would never know it's been done. The only visible wires are the 2 the come out the headliner (about 2-3") that go to the front and rear cameras so this has kept everything nice and simple and neat 👍🏻 I'm not sure who Trevor is on this forum 🤔 about asking about adding the link to another forum as I don't want to just copy and paste all the info onto here and take credit for someone else's work. Paul
  12. Morning Dave, Thanks again for your help on this 👍🏻 Had a go over the weekend but couldn't for the life of me get the leverage to pull the charge point housing out from the glovebox to gain access to the wiring behind, so I used the old torch and took all the insides out as they was totally buggered and soldered straight onto the pins that way, works a treat and I've not had to alter any of the car in anyway and the cam now powers down after around 15 minutes after the ignition is off so am well happy with that. Since doing this I've found a post on another BMW forum about this same opinion, what are the rules on posting links to other forms or here? As it's a great write up on how to adapt an old torch as a switched power outlet or usb socket for the glovebox without damaging the rest of the car Paul
  13. Morning Dave, To be honest, was just thinking about that on my way into work this morning lol As was either gonna be that or trying to tap into the cigarette lighter socket at the bottom of the front centre console but that would involve taking a lot more of the trim and other parts off to get to easily so tapping into the back to the glovebox torch would make for a much cleaner fit 👍🏻 So will look into that over the weekend and keep you updated as to how it goes as I keep forgetting to take the cam down so it doesn't keep draining the battery. Paul
  14. Afternoon, As title says, I'm trying to hardwire my dashcam into the glovebox fuse board, now I need to piggyback off one of the 5 amp fuses but I can't seam to find a switched one 🤷🏻‍♂️ Has anyone done this and if so which fuse number have you used? Currently got it piggybacked off fuse number 38 (cd changer) as thought that was a switched one but keep getting a battery drain message come up every now and then so am seeking help from the masses as can't seam to find the answer on Google 😞 Paul
  15. Morning Dave, Thanks for the info 👍🏻 Checked the trailer electrics plug under the bumper and loads of water came out so I guess that's gonna be my issue 🙄 Cleaned and dried the plug and covered the cover and connections with a good helping of silicone grease so hopefully that has solved my issue. Thanks for your continued help in getting to know this beast of a car Paul
  16. Hi all, Have just been out and am now getting this message come up everytime I use the indicators, (no trailer connected or any bulbs out) Trailer Indicator Left Trailer Indicator Right can't find much info on where to look for a solution so anyone out there that's able to point me in the right direction Thanks in advance Paul
  17. Hi all, Have just been out and am now getting this message come up everytime I use the indicators, Trailer Indicator Left Trailer Indicator Right can't find much info on where to look for a solution so anyone out there that's able to point me in the right direction Thanks in advance Paul
  18. Nope, I give up 😞 can't get the !Removed! thing to work lol
  19. Hi Dave, Cheers for that 👍🏻 will definitely give that a go and fingers crossed you will have helped my smile get that little bit bigger while driving 😁 Did find a factory reset tab but was a bit dubious about that in case I lost other functions of the system. The thing is an absolute animal lol and the straight 6 sounds amazing so not too fussed I I can't have my own music in the car as am happy enough to listen to that engine all day long lol 😆😆 Paul
  20. Hi Dave, Oh it's giving me plenty of smiles don't you worry 😁😁 She came to me already mapped (374.3BHP AND 723Nm TORQUE) and with a few other upgrades so has more than twice the power of my old V70. Just still trying to work out this idrive thing as have managed to work out how to get the radio on and tuned but can't for the life of me get my phone to connect to it either by WiFi or Bluetooth, I'm being a proper man here lol and I'm not resorting to Google to look for the instructions lol but after a week I'm about ready to hold up the white flag and admit defeat (hangs head in shame and holds up flag 😞🏳️) Paul
  21. Evening all, As per title, just purchased a used 535d M sport after m trusty Volvo V70 D5 died, thought that was a lovely car til I got in the beamer 😍😍 oh my god, why haven't I had one of these before!!! The car came with bags of service history and all past MOTs have been clean with only tyre and bulb related advisories so I'm well happy with her and she goes like S### of a shovel lol 😆😆 Is there anything that I should be keeping an eye out on a car of this age? Thanks in advance a newly converted BMW owner Paul
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