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  1. Sorry it isnt clear I was speaking of Nelson Racing Wheel of Denver Colorado and or China. They are almost unreachable after payment and the only person they have for communications needs to have his diaper changed and his twitter taken away. A time-out for 12 minutes should suit him just fine.
  2. I am making the rounds to let the world know about the sub par workmanship and subsequent treatment of its customers when confronted. I ordered a simple roundel from them in a kevlar and carbon fiber weave that came out crooked twice, so they sent both of them hoping I would not notice. These roundels cost $60 USD each and took over a month. The petulent Twitterfiend masquerading as a customer service rep decided to insult and degrade me on email. He hides behind the company letterhead while hurling threats of IP banishment from some random trinket-selling website. I have since found many other unsatisfied and/or frustrated customers who have complained about very rude interactions and/or flat-out being ignored. The roundel bullseye is evidently very hard to line up. It was symmetrical weave pattern. These are over priced chinese knock offs that they claim they make in Colorado yet it comes from the east coast before it gets there. All I had to do to find that out was watch the track info. They don't even bother to try to cover their tracks that way. Many other legitimate vendors such as Dinan or just order from ebay. Those last for years and arent made to fall off after a year. Mine have little stickers for application. Unless you want to peal the base off of your old one and attach it to theirs with 4 little stickers... The funny thing is that without the little smartmouth in the IT department I would have agreed to pay half for the work and materials. Their website is 2 years old and doesnt show any of the current numbers for materials and some of the materials are unavailable so you have to deal with this little !Removed! from the get go and believe me, he isnt worth the crappy little kevlar roundels with stickers. I will probably keep mine just as a little lesson reminder. Be wary of websites with inaccurate info. I should have known when they told me they couldnt change my order receipt because of some other websites rules for receipts. they are funneling fraud through 2 websites in order to do business because evryone else has banned them. NRW, Nelson Racing Wheel is bad and the IT should be fired for being an idiot.
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