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  1. Afternoon Dave think you have settled my mind a little looks like I need not worry to much about the w95 and w96 part of the tire as these to figures seem hard to find in any good make of tyre as a pair again no X3 has ever been fitted with run flats and with sports suspension is a total non starter, I am taking your sound advice and change all four tyres so long as the size width and height are correct we can vary the load and speed index without any problems yes or have you a different thought regards Trevor
  2. Good afternoon Dave and thank you for the reply. so us young folks enjoy keeping our cars in good condition, since I bought this car twelve years ago the tyres have always been changed in two’s as this is possibly from the previous owner, I have never had transmission problems apart from upgrading the actuator nylon gear, also upgraded the double vanos seals. and the disa valve pin , however looking at realoem my 19” y spoke wheels have been discontinued and these ran on staggered p zero rossos, realoem now shows both the 235 and the 255 tears as p zero asimm but I cannot find these tyres which end as w95 front or w96 rear, I can fi a rear ending as y96. So still trying for answers from bmw and Pirelli, so will keep you posted. regards Trevor
  3. Sorry Dave I’m new to this forum am 75 years old and had my x3e83 3.0i msport for 12 years and yes the wheels are staggered, 235/45r19w95 on front never had transmission problems do my own maintaining, done the usual vamps and FISA probs ect, Bmw don’t appear to want to know so in am now about stuck. thank Trevor
  4. My X3 e83 3.0i m sport has always had Pirelli p zero Rossi’s fitted and no transmission problems, so now I need new rear tyres and find that Pirelli have stopped making 255/40r19 96w tyres, so what now is our replacement ?
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