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  1. I have a 2011 328i 3l convert/hardtop. I have had nothing but rotten luck the past 3 months with this thing. All the previous post were because I bought a brand new starter that was no good. I assumed it was because it was new in the box. Just because it's new don't mean a thing. So now to the present mess. I got it all back together and cranked it and she run fine so I drove it to the store. When I got back and pulled into the drive I heard a loud spraying sound and steam coming from the hood. I shut it down opened the hood but saw nothing but a little steam. Then all of a sudden a blast of steam comes out of the left side of the motor towards the front and it blast then quite then a couple of seconds latter it did it again and it sounded exactly like a pressure relief valve. I'm praying that there is one because if not and it not some sort of hose then guess what (head gasket). But I have been working on motors for over 50 years (mostly 50's & 60's & 70's) but I have never seen or herd of this. Does anyone know what it is? It was late and I have not taken anything down to see what it might be. Thanks Roger
  2. I have a problem. I have a 328i 2011 3L convertible/hardtop. my granddaughter drove my car to her went came right back and wouldn't start. I went to her house to see what it was going to be to fix it. The car did nothing. I assumed it was the starter so I bought one. no go. .no power to the starter so I bought new ignition. No go .I then I bought a new battery. No go. My wife and I just went out to just try it one more time. No go but we did find one thing the key fob was very hard to take out. I had to really had to pull it to come out . I really need this car to run. Is their anyone out there who knows enough to get me going
  3. I would like to introduce my self I'm 72 and a 2011 328i 3L engine owner. I presently live in Tampa. I will be moving to Kentucky in about 2-3 months And I need this car to get there. So I'm new at this so cut me some slack. I'm having a problem so if anyone can direct me to the site I need to be on it would make my day. .
  4. I forgot to mention when I sent in the WON'T DO A THING the radio and cd quit about a week before this issue of not starting. Fuses are ok.
  5. My granddaughter parked the car went into the house for a minute came out and the did nothing. I went over and all it did was turn the fuel pump on. I figured it was the starter. I ordered one and put it on. No go. It could be the ignition switch I bought one put it in. No go. Fuses maybe. No go. I watched one of those videos in self help and went ahead and bought a new starter relay. No go Checked the battery. No go. Does anybody know the magic trick to get power to the starter so I can drive this thing? It's a 2011 BMW 328i Convertible/Hardtop 3L engine. Sure could use some help what ever is wrong with this thing is so simple a monkey could fix it. But I'm not a monkey.
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