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  1. Morning Dave Many thanks for the information will browse the site later today and see the data available Thanks for the advice regarding change out items - will compile the shopping list and crack on with the rebuild No doubt will be posting again throughout the journey and hopefully you may be kind enough to help with any questions that will pop up Appreciate your assistance now and in advance Kind Regards Terry
  2. Good Morning All Have recently inherited a non running 116D with N4720DC engine that initially thought timing chain had failed After removing and dismantling found the chain/guides were in good order but when the head was removed the problem presented itself One of the piston crowns had melted and part of a valve had become fused creating a molten sculpture Further inspection revealed that the respective liner had escaped any damage and was again in great order Can the wider audience highlight if this is an anomaly or another one of the idiosyncrasies of the series? Additionally the cylinder head was damaged and rendered u/s that will require replacing It is a 79768 08 but could it be replaced with an 07 or are the heads non interchangeable These are the images of the findings Hope to hear from the group in due course Kind Regards Terry
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