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  1. hi Dave, yes the light went out but would not come back on, no, the air coming out was as if the heat was turned to full. even though it was on the lowest cool setting. think ill just bite the bullet and book it in, i am baffled dean
  2. hi Dave, yes i just used one of the DIY bottles from halfords, we drove the car yesterday and the ac light flashed for a while then turned off and would not come back on, think i will need to just bite the bullet and book it into a garage to be investigated, hopefully its as you said just needs to be properly re gassed, thanks dean
  3. hi Dave, thanks for your reply, i seen on a forum about the calibration i just want sure, i tried to re gas the system and that hasn't seemed to do much for me, i just wanted to try and see if it is something i could do myself before sending it into the dealer for diagnostics, i just could not find anything online in relation to the AC light flashing. thanks dean
  4. hi guys, recently picked up a 2010 E92 2.0L diesel, and the AC light is constantly flashing, have googled to no avail, there is no cold air coming out when the car is idling, i did hear someone mention that the compressor could be recalibrating so left her sit idling for 30 mins and still no change, refilled the Ac gas that didn't help I am stumped, any help would be appreciated. thanks
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