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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your help. Eventually found the problem after spending a fortune. It was the DDE power relay having a high resistance contact. $60 fixed it. Before it was replaced, I simply removed the relay cap and separated the contactor arm from the body. Cleaned both surfaces and all works perfectly As the relay was not making a good electrical contact, it was only providing an intermitant low voltage supply to most of the engine control systems. You can measure the voltage between any of the three 20A fuses (located next to the DDE) and ground.
  2. Thanks again Dave. I found this information form a British Co that seems to describe exactly my problem. I will replace the DDE and see if it works. For your informaton try this link https://www.ecutesting.com/common-faults/bmw/bmw-x5-e53-30-ecu-fault/ Regards Mike
  3. Thanks Dave, I greatly appreciate the informaton. Unfortunately I have already checked all the DDE and earth connections and they are all fine. As are the sensors. What is so confusing is that it starts and runs perfectly for some time ( all yesterday) but then fails to start. After starting this morning, I stopped the motor and then tried to start it again. Without turning the motor over, I got the "fuel inject system" error showing. This continued for another 18 times when I turned the engine on but did not turn it over. Then the warning disappeared , the fuel pump
  4. Good morning, as I am new to this club will apologise in advance if this is not in the correct place or by descriptions are inadequate. This is a desperate call for help. I have owned this X5 for the last six years. It has only 220K and been a perfect vehicle. But!!!! About five weeks ago it developed a starting problem. The motor would turn over, but it failed to start immediately and would take 2-3 before it would start. It would show the "Fuel Inject System" error on the dash until it started. When it started it would run perfectly. Smooth, full power. Took it to my
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