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  1. Great info, thank you. I've cleared codes a few times, but I've not tried that trick. Will do. I ended up picking up a standard 1.4.0 OBD2 adapter off amazon for $28, so that'll help. Sadly, my little laptop won't let me put it test mode, so I can't install the drivers for 1.4 on that one. I might see if I can find a cheap, older laptop locally so I have one just dedicated for software that lives in the garage. I prefer plugging it into the 20pin port in the engine anyway, and I have an adapter to OBD2 that should work with the one from Amazon. I hope. B
  2. Interesting, I have INPA and ISTA+ (I've had problems getting INPA to work with the E38, which is why I've had to rely on my Carly thus far). Do you think 1.4.0 has more tools/less connectivity issues with the E38? I wonder if I can use my current 20-pin to r232(db9) to serial card in my PC and have it work with BMW 1.4.0+ without having to buy another ODB2 adapater/cable? Also, looking through that .pdf, it reminded me that I have a new cluster LCD panel to install as the existing one is virtually illegible...wonder if some of that is coming from that issue. Anyway, this all make sense and gives me a path to follow. Thank you :).
  3. So, I recently picked up a new (to me) E38 740i sport with the expressed intent of saving it from the scrap bin. It's my 3rd one, but the first one I've intentionally purchased with the intent of rescuing it. They really are one of the best looking, modern classic cars from the last few decades. Of course, they have some well-documented troubles :). I'm actually filming it for a new YT channel, but I'm not here to promote that, just to share the fun of owning BMW's :). Thanks for letting me in! Brian
  4. Hello :), I have 3 error codes on my E38 in a format I'm not familiar with (I'm used to P... codes); 00008e, 00002e, and 00002d. Searches for information are completely devoid of information and the descriptions don't help a great deal (although they do give me some direction). Is there a source available to decode what these errors are referencing? The one from Greydog on the X5 I found from a few years ago gave me some information (the 00008e being the LCM, for instance). The app I have says, for example: 00008e: Description: Shares error over voterlogik (SG error) / Fresh Air from error / internal index 7 / system eductor / TSS bus ant: failed connection / FAN RA:blower motor relay open or short circuit to ground / CDKAKRE - final stage exhaust flap / Needle Movement Sensor / Signal tank leak diagnosis pump reed-switch no longer includes / Module error DMTL / Valveation fresh air from / B-pillar Y-direction right / knock control self-test / Rear light broken inside left So...many of those words make sense, but as a whole it doesn't. As an aside, all of these errors came through the Air Condition module test. I am already planning on replacing the aux pump and heater control valve assembly (or at least replacing the brushes in the pump and all the seals in the HCV) as the heater works poorly and I am getting cool/warm mixes that I shouldn't be. Not sure if these issues would trigger those codes. Any help to decode the error and start a checklist for resolving is much appreciated. Pinging @Greydog only because they had some answers for a similar question some time ago. Thank you!
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