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  1. Hi, be grateful for your opinions/advice. Need to make a quick decision on trading in my old Mini One 2003 or BMW 120d 2006 for a Mini Cooper that's 3 years old, both have got about 130k mileage. I'm keen to keep the Mini but am anxious about the cost of future repairs and the stress it might cause. Live in a village so need cars working. I know that there are some issues with the Mini eg an AA man did a temporary repair on the gear cables and coolant is always disappearing. As you can tell I haven't got any mechanical knowledge and don't have the inclination or time to learn. Please can anyone give me their experience with a similar 2003 model, a very rough idea of problems and how much cost I'm likely to incur and any good garages in the Cambridgeshire area that would be best placed and good value to work on the car. Many thanks
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