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  1. Thanks for the reply Dave. The whole situation is so frustrating. They have had the car for a total of 6 weeks since February and in that time only changed the rear callipers and brakes after I sent them the video when they said they couldn’t find a issue with them. I didn’t believe for one minute that the smoking front brakes were normal as they put it. Dread to think how the brakes would perform if I was to spend any significant time on a motorway. Makes me not want to drive the car. Andy
  2. Hi, first time on here but really hope someone who knows more than me can help me out! Purchased a M135 F40 July 2020. Started to notice a really bad noise when reversing and applying the brakes. I took the car back to the dealership twice and they said they couldn’t find a fault but the discs and pads were down to 6mm and burnt and corroded front and back. Car has only done 4000 miles which is all work commute. BMW advised them to re glaze the brakes but wouldn’t do any more. This did not solve the issue and the first video shows the problem. Car was returned again and BMW agreed to replace t
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