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  1. Thanks for your balance view on the matter I just a bit raw on the matter having seen another post where the guy doing the same short trips got his covered no problem by the warranty having the exact same problem by the garage.
  2. Can I ask you do you think 120 trips under 4 miles is not reasonable over 18400 miles.
  3. Thanks for your advice just makes it hard when we are in lock down to give a good blast.i have had two diesel motors before and had no problem's both with more miles and doing the same types of travel.
  4. Is there anyone can help.my Car is a 320i petrol with 18400 miles on the clock.the regeneration of the particulate filter came on followed the book and it did not work.so I booked it in to bmw to get a forced regeneration ithought my warranty would cover it but no I was told that due to the fact that the car has done a 12o trips under 4 miles it was my driving style that caused the fault. I been told that I must at least drive the car for 30 mins once a week.iam now looking for a small car my wife to go to work as she does short journeys and in 8 weeks of driving it would need to be redone. T
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