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  1. Thanks Dave, we checked all that today and pollen filter was bone dry, the scuttle areas all debri free, we think we’ve found the issue, we think it’s the roof rails, the passenger side is quite loose, we’re going to have to take the entire of the interior out as it’s completely soaked, the carpets are an inch thick and there sodden! Head liners going to come down, Pillars off and we’re going to smoke bomb and see exactly where it’s coming from
  2. Hi Dave, thank you for your reply, I’m afraid I don’t know, I only bought it on Saturday! I’m getting the front seat out today, the glove box is out and the fuse boxes etc behind there are soaked 😳 I’m so upset by the whole thing, an X5 had always been my dream car and it’s quickly turning into a nightmare! I’m taking out the seat and the carpets later, I’ll get underneath and check the scuttle area but to be honest, it’s coming from above for sure, once I’ve got everything out, I’m going to let off some smoke pellets in there and see if I can see where they are coming from and tackle the situ
  3. I'm desperate, I'm hoping you guys can help I've got a major leak in the my E53 X5 2007 but I don't know where from, i do not have a sunroof of any kind, I've tried to some major research and can't find anything, Monday morning at around 4 o'clock, I was was awoke by the alarm going off and a dead battery, managed to shut the alarm up and went back to bed, did some research and was told about the hedgehog resistor that could have drained the battery and caused the alarm to go off but was told to charge battery and check the fuse first, so I opened the glove box and it was full to brim wit
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