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  1. Yeh they did clone the keys from outside the house I think, I have them on cctv Aswell but my dogs never heard them unfortunately I’ll have to get one of those bags for the keys definitely! I’m also using another car to block my drive way so they have to get that out the way b4 they can take the x5 again.
  2. Yeh that’s what what I was Hoping for rather than have to go through main dealer because I was trying not to claim on my insurance but it has already doubled my monthly’s the car is going to be Categorised as stolen Recovered now so I might Aswell pay my excess but that’s £1600 🤢 I agreeed the £600 but they have hit me with £1000 on top of it compulsory they have said so it’s going to cost me one way or another am just gutted I never caught them taking it! Anyone know anything about a ghost system will this stop any future thrives or can they get past that Aswell? Thanks for the reply 👍
  3. Thanks or getting back to me Dave much appreciated! An yes they are Oxygen thieves! Scum 😤 hopefully I’ll get it sorted without it’s costing me too much still waiting for bmw to get back to me on this an I spoke with one bmw specialist an he said it’s a main dealer job to code it so I’m assuming that if I bought a second hand unit then they can code it as long as it’s the right one. Thanks again 👍
  4. I’ve just had my x5 stolen an recovered but they have taken out the cic system I think that powers everything on the I drive so’s system, sat nav, music everything dose anyone know if I can buy a second hand unit an get it coded for my car? Any help would be appreciated thanks 👍
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