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  1. Hi Dave. My neighbour has just part ex his 1 series diesel for a 5 series gt diesel. He says he only really uses his for school trips etc and has never had any problems. My next door neighbour who restores classic cars said he always buys high mileage diesel cars because they are a good deal and he said diesel engines are so reliable. My mechanics wife also drives 56 vw golf diesel. Very confusing with all these votes for diesel. They also say they are more fun to drive than petrol. More torque?
  2. Just another point. There seems to be so many people driving diesels around town in the mornings especially 4 x4 s on school trips etc. So are there lots of people heading for problems down the line?
  3. Thank you for that advice. It seems strange though that road tax on a 2014 diesel 1 series for example can be as low as £30 a year whereas a petrol version is about £150 a year (going by auto trader sales)
  4. Hi, I currently have a 325i petrol which before the pandemic I used to really only use at weekends as I work in London and travel by train every day. Circumstances have now changed and even when this virus is under control I am likely to continue working from home 3 days a week but... I will take my wife to work first each morning which is just 3 to 4 miles away. I have been looking at getting something more economical and tax friendly as my 325 is £30 per month road tax. I like the look of the 1 series and much more choice and economy with diesel models but I have read reviews that you should
  5. Hi I'm looking at 1 series from about 2012 to 2014/15. I've noticed that quite a few of them don't have vents in the rear console. Just concerned that in summer if it is hot and air con is on that it won't be felt by rear passengers. Are there particular models that did have rear vents?
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