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  1. Thanks Dave, Nice to know that there's others out there that have experience. I've since found out that this model is prone to this...I expect BMW will say the opposite but I'm tempted to contact them but that will prob be a waste of energy. I've had quotes for used engine supply from £200 upward and £3500 to remove and fit recon engine with 3 months warranty but I'm aware that some unscrupulous fitters will just wash off an old engine to make it look good. What I really need is a mechanic..not a fitter...who can be trusted to do a good job so any recommendations will greatly receive
  2. I've got a 2009 X5 diesel with 80 000 miles and the chain has broken. Its the first and prob the last BMW I'll be buying, it seems to be a dud as within the first two months of ownership both front brake caliper seized up and now this...any help appreciated ?
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