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  1. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011306626687 the SE looks !Removed! but the spec looks immense, just no twobar or pan roof away from perfect
  2. interesting indeed, that all in mind the one biggest worry for me that i forgot to air was, is dropping £30k in a diesel a wise idea in the current anti-diesel climate . What are the options i should "need" and what are "advantageous" in your view?
  3. Morning lads and lasses, All the best for 2021! I am here again looking for some advice if i may, i have now narrowed the new car down to the G31; ruling out the XC90, Q7 and another A6 Avant (cant stand the E class or XF) So with this in mind i am looking for a 17/18 plate G31 but really cant choose between these two engines. I really do miss the 5pot Petrol of my old Focus ST BUT my 3ltr Quattro A6 has been totally fine - Fast, decent economy (easy 45s on a run and 30/32 round town with a 36.6MPG over 23,500 miles) I have done a fair few business miles over the previous few
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