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  1. Hi Dave, again great advice and the the larger depth side wall of the tyre is the look I am after to fill the arches a little more and protect the alloy wheels a little more on pot hole Brisish roads !
  2. Hi Dave, cracking advice mate and you sure know your stuff fella ! It was a deeper wall I was after so am I stuck with what I have been quoted for tyre size front and back ? Many thanks again and await you reply with thanks Steve 👍
  3. Hi sorry for late reply , bought them online from alloy specialist I have checked this out and they will fit as looked at other reputable sellers and 8.5front and 9.5 on rear is fine I just really wanted to know if I can get more tyre then 255 35 19 rear and 225 40 19 front . Wheels I have on at mo was an option same all round or staggered so opted for staggered but do see loads of BMW's do have larger wheels on the rear . Many thanks 👍
  4. Can anyone give me sound advice on what is the biggest tyre I can fit to rear 9.5 and front 8.5 . I've been quoted 255 35 19 fro the rest and 225 40 19 for the front but want as much tyre as poss and don't want them looking so low profile and stretched as I have 20" on at the mo running 225 35 20 all round 🤔 Many thanks Steve
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