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  1. Hi, when ever I drive it on a hilly road it seems it knocks it into fail safe. It doesn’t like hills at all. Yet tows my horses with no problem what so ever. I visit my sister once a month and I have to go over the west penine moor. It’s that same road every time. No I can usually switch it off then back on and it’s fine but this time it remained in failsafe and I had to crawl it home. It drives lovely until I use this road. I cannot get my head around it so I took it to my mechanic who plugged it in an those codes are what came up
  2. Hi can anyone help me with this. I bough an 05 BMW X5 for towing my horses around and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. Today my mechanic friend plugged it into his diagnostics computer and it came up with alsorts... can anyone tell me exactly what needs doing to my car. I know nothing about cars at all but I love it for towing so if it’s worth fixing I will. Il attach the images from the computer. Thanks
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