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  1. hi I have a bmw123D 2009 can I put the same tyre size on the front as the back 245/35/R18 ?
  2. Hi Dave thank you for your information the original seat only had lumber support and heated seats the yellow plug on the car has lots of cables the new seats from a other car is fully electric but I was reading a web site you can unplug the yellow plugs after the ignition switch is on for 30 second I can operate the full function on the seats but is is not ideal I think the seats just might need codeing to the car? I am have a stage 1 remap so I will ask if they can do this I hope
  3. Hi I went to bed got up for work to find the two from windows open ? strange
  4. Hi Dave not to sure what car they came from because the guy changed them before he sold them to me ? But I will check what you have suggested thanks
  5. Hi I have a full interior 1 series coupe just been cleaned £200
  6. Hi I have a 1 series coupe 2009 manual seats I have swapped the seats to fully electric but they don’t work lot of errors on dash airbag and heated seats are not working can anyone suggestions to get around the probly
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