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  1. Greydog and X5SMW, Thank you for your replies. It is beginning to look like we may have no choice other than rejecting it. The selling garage want the car taken to a garage that does RAC warranty work, and I emailed them last night stating I was looking into rejecting the car and before they allowed any work to be undertaken I needed a costed, fully itemised list of anything to be done along with details of any warranty/warranties that come with the work. Nothing was declared in the finance agreement, and to be fair to the selling garage I think they bought it not knowing about the fault but t
  2. Anything is welcome thanks. It has just got more complex today and is now back with the selling garage who are not phoning us back. My daughter has to make the decision whether she risks the garage doing a repair with the possibility it may go wrong again in 4-5 months time with no warranty left on it, or whether she rejects the car after contacting the finance company as not fit for purpose. That way the finance company and my daughter get the bulk of their money back and the garage is left with the car ownership and having to resolve the problem before they can sell it again.
  3. Hi All, I'm new here and am really hoping you can help me. My daughter drives a BMW X1 X Drive on a 2015 plate. We desperately need recommendations for places which are known to be good and reliable to supply us with a quality (ideally refurbished with long warranty) gearbox and transfer box, all ready to be fitted and able to be delivered to a garage in South Wales. I know this won't be cheap, but it's essential having just spent £1000ish on a flywheel and clutch which threw up unexpected problems, probably caused by the previous owner. Below is the transfer box only found when the gearb
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