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  1. Thanks for the advice Dave. I will take a peek at some twin plated upgrades.
  2. Hi all My 135i has had a new downpipe and intercooler, and is now making 386BHP and 403ibs/foot, and I want to upgrade the clutch. My longer term plans are to get the care to around 450bhp. Any advice on best performance cltches? cheers
  3. I got a tyres on the drive guy to do it. All tyres have 39PSI in, as done yesterday. I will look on youtube for the reset sequence. thanks
  4. Hi I have a 2009 BMW 135i. I got a puncture which was fixed. The thing is though, the puncture warning symbol is still on. I've checked all tyres and they are all good. Any clues? cheers Nick
  5. Not true, i had a downpipe and uprated intercooler for my 135i and got an extra 80BHP and 108 lbs. Injectors wont be affected.
  6. Hi I am new here. I bought a used BMW in August 2020 and thought I would have some fun with the N54 engine. So, I got a CSF Intercooler and a Wagner downpipe fitted. With a remap and dyno I got 386BHP and 403lbs. I am very happy with this result, but was wondering how I can get more gains without spending £10000+??
  7. Thanks Dave, I have opted for a downpipe. I know this is more hassle for the MOT time. But, after extensive research, this seems the more 'fun' option.
  8. Hi guys, I have just purchased a 2009 BMW 135i N54 and want to mod her for more power. I have sourced a performance intercooler, but cannot for the life of me locate a N54 performance cat from a UK dealer! (I don't want a cat less pipe, cos of the MOT). Has anyone else have these issues, or will the N55 fit the N54? cheers
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