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  1. The jak came but my Allen key went snap whoever fitted them must have welded them in 😂 waiting for some loose nuts spray and a socket Allen key. after whipping the wheel off and being able to get a good look around them most of any marking are worn off or over coated with paint. But I’m pretty sure the 3rd pic it says Brembo. there some numbers or letters in the 1st pic but my eyes are bad I can’t make any of it out. also in the 2nd pic looks like the brake disk isn’t big enough for the pads/callipers? And looking round the disc itself I see no markings to suggest what make, codes or size. possibly going to be another waiting game waiting for a few bits to turn up.
  2. Hi good morning. Thanks Dave, I had a feeling more detail pics or part numbers would be needed. Also the alloy size is 20 inch. I kind of measured the discs ( very inaccurately ) front were about 360 and back about 300. i say inaccurate as I couldn’t get the tape measure flush up to the disc. again thanks Dave. Once cars up in air and it’s stripped I’ll get some pics and numbers.
  3. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has any idea what brake callipers these are and What disks and pads could fit. There currently on a bmw E91 335d Estate 2009. it has M3 Bits on it but when looking on the web none match up to mine. Also I can see the pard code on one of the brake pads is FDB4216 or FDB4218 if that can help anyone sorry for poor pics. I will eventually be getting the car up in the air and whipping them off. I was just hoping wile Im waiting for a new car jack to come. I may have been able to find out what discs and pads they were n get some ordered🤞🏻 Hopefully someone can shed some light cheers if you got this far 👍
  4. Hey just joined up. Had the car about 9 month, and I’ll be looking to upgrade bits and bobs over time so I’m sure I’ll be popping up a lot. Good to meet you all.