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  1. Hi all, after some advice on Fuel Consumption.. old e53 V6 Petrol with LPG fitted and the Computer shows 16.8 mpg on the motorway at 65 mph. I know it has the Aerodynamics of a London Bus but it does seem high! Plugs and Air Filter all been changed....it does use a small amount of water, about 400ml on a 150 mile run, no visible leaks, Head Gasket? any suggestions please? Thank you in advance
  2. I bet Mark enjoyed your answer, so did Martin!
  3. Just returned from Driving 500 odd miles for a break in Devon and have to say............She performed beautifully ! Running mostly on LPG (ran out in Dartmouth!) Averaging well over 20 mpg even on Devon’s steep hills and narrow country lanes, although to be fair, M4 at 50mph may have helped! So comfortable and quiet, What a bargain she was!
  4. Sale cancelled, P/x didn’t happen so keeping it until something else “tickles my fancy”
  5. Looks like I’m P/X this on Monday, if you fancy a bargain......try an offer!
  6. Forgot to mention, reason for selling is that I’ve seen an old Bentley that I fancy......love small economical cars!
  7. I purchased this X5 knowing it needed work and during the “shutdown” it kept me busy and almost out of trouble! I was a Mechanic/MOT Tester for many, many years and still enjoy “tinkering” Back to the car, since I bought it I have....... Replaced the troublesome rear Air Suspension with Coil Springs that I imported from the USA , now a nicer ride and no worries of Air Leaks. Replaced various Suspension Arms, drives with no bangs or clonks! Had 4 Wheel Laser alignment carried out so all good CV Boot replaced. DISA Valve replaced due to a Air Leak diagnosed with my
  8. Thank you again Dave, I’ll have a look, these cars are growing on me!.............slowly!
  9. Me again after more advice! i bought a BMW Scanner 1.4.0 on Greydog’s suggestion, fantastic bit of kit working on my old Laptop. I would like to know if it can stop the car telling me the Air Suspension is playing up as it’s........not there anymore (coils now). I can not find anything on the Menu. Thank you all again for any help.
  10. Thanks for your response....again! I’m really paranoid about not having a Spare, my Breakdown Cover would not help if I had a puncture and no spare. I’m really not a fan of the “gunge”, ok if it’s a nail and the tyre is still sealed to the rim but from my experience.....it’s normally worse and you can not get it to seal to inflate. I’m happy to loose a lot of the Boot Space and even if I left it at home at least I could get it! I was hoping a THIN Emergency Wheel may have been available? I’ll keep hunting! Stay safe!
  11. Good Morning all, Hope all’s well. I'm on 19” Staggered Wheels, trying to source a Spare Wheel that is the same “height” so as not to damage the Running Gear and I’m struggling. Is there such a thing as an Emergency Spare that is a similar height to the 19”? Bit of good news, took it to the LPG Garage in Slough and Sam worked wonders and has got it working, hooray! Many problems found including missing Fuse, wires disconnected and broken and a seized Valve and a couple of leaks! Seems to running all good..........for now! Thanks if you can help with the Wheel advice
  12. Hi again. Unfortunately it’s the “Boys” version, 3.0 Petrol. I paid the princely sum of........£670 for it and sold a Car Seat that was fitted for £20 so £650! It’s been to the Moon and back with the miles but now looks very tidy. Suspension all now sorted with new Coils and a few Arms tightening everything up underneath. Replaced the DISA Valve due to a vac leak and then the normal Service Items. It’s great having room around the Engine to work! I’ve had GTO’s in the recent past and those !Removed! must have very small hands! I only have the basic Code Reader so not much help on anything o
  13. Thank you Dave. I’m guessing again, but the car has not been driven any distance for a very long time so guessing, again, the Fob Batteries are dead. I’m putting it on the road 01 June so will try after a decent run. Keep Safe!
  14. Hi all, aren’t these cars FUN! Completed many off the jobs that needed addressing and the end of the Tunnel is in view! “Just” 4 Wheel Alignment, Tyres and the LPG sorting out left and the following little problem.... I have to use what looks like the Blue Emergency Key, ie, no Press Buttons to unlock and lock the Car. I then use a second Key, a Black “Buttoned” to start it. I’m guessing that the Door Locks have been changed and the Ignition switch is the original? You very knowledgeable folks out there.................is there any way of Programming the Original Key to replacement
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